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Delicious Desktops

I make these wacky desktops on my scanner using nothing but a USB wire, a light box and some color correction. Want to request a candy? Email me.

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New Images 09/04/00

Gummi Cola Bottles!
Soft, squishy, brown cola-flavored soda bottles. We've got them with a funky scanline pattern and without. Three sizes each.

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New Images 08/08/00

Rock Candy!
Colored sugar crystals. Minimal flavor. Zero nutritional value. One desktop image in loads of sizes. More compositions next week.

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New Images 07/23/00

Candy Raspberries
These are some of the weirdest, sugariest, most realistic candies on earth. Semi-tangy, chewy middles coated with colored sugar.

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Awfully Popular

Fish and Chicks
You folks sure have taken a shine to these two desktops in particular.

Too cute to be explained in mere words >>

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